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The USB-BLE112 bluetooth adaptor is a full development kit for the Bluegiga BLE112 module, and uses a virtual serial port to communicate to the Bluegiga BLE112 module. This module is compatible with iOS using bluetooth for the BLExplr app and can be reprogrammed using the TI CC debugger module.


The USB-BLE112 adaptor can be used as a BLE112 bluetooth starter kit. Bluetooth can be up and running in these easy steps:

  1. Plug this adaptor into a bluetooth port
  2. Install the FTDI driver or let windows do that automatically
  3. Determine the COM port selected by the adaptor
  4. Start a terminal program such as Blue Terminal
  5. Select the baud rate as 115200 (or 9600)
  6. Click the Reset button using a paper clip.
  7. Type data in and watch it appear on the other bluetooth device.

USB-BLE112 Data Sheet ESD Terminal Manual 3D model ESD Terminal Manual

Note: Add this plugin to chrome to view 3D model

Example firmware:





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