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USB-WT12 USB to Bluetooth adaptor

The USB-WT12 adaptor is a full development kit for the Bluegiga WT12 module, and uses a virtual serial port to communicate to the Bluegiga WT12 module. The adaptor has six lights connected to the six I/O ports.

The Bluegiga WT12 bluetooth modules supports seven profiles: SPP serial port, BGIO Bluegiga Input/Output, HID (keyboard), HFP (Hands-Free), OPP, A2DP, and AVRCP.


The USB-WT12 adaptor can be used as a bluetooth starter kit. Bluetooth can be up and running in six easy steps:

  1. Plug this adaptor into a bluetooth port
  2. Install the FTDI driver or let windows do that automatically
  3. Determine the COM port selected by the adaptor
  4. Start a terminal program such as Blue Terminal
  5. Select the baud rate as 115200 (or 9600)
  6. Type SET into the terminal program, and watch the settings be downloaded.

USB-WT12 Data Sheet ESD Terminal Manual 3D model ESD Terminal Manual

Note: Add this plugin to chrome to view 3D model

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