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Blue Terminal for Windows

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ESD Terminal Manual <<-- Download the Blue Terminal manual

Blue Terminal v1.20 8.8 MB>> SetupBlueTerminal.exe
Blue Terminal v1.15 7.6 MB >> SetupBlueTerminal

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Blue Terminal is a serial emulator program for Windows only, and is customised to work with the Bluegiga range of bluetooth modules. Blue Terminal is designed to build on previous terminal emulators, such as Telix, Windows3 Terminal, Hyperterminal and Putty.

The features of Blue Terminal are:

  • Auto discconnect, reconnect - useful for USB-serial adaptors
  • COM | Auto detect - for finding a virtual COM port
  • Support for COM ports 1-99
  • Bluegiga shortcut buttons
  • Bluegiga profile toolbars for SPP, BGIO and HID
  • Gainspan shortcut command single click buttons
  • Builtin MAC address detection from the Inquiry command
  • Builtin Bluegiga Multiplex mode
  • Commands to change the baud rate simultaneously inteh program and on the Bluegiga module
  • Echo, Logging, Hexmode and unreadable character options
  • Some escape character support - <ESC>[2J for clear screen command
  • Context Sensitive help


Watch the latest video below here: